Get a Modern Website with Great Features

RS Net website software is continually updated, but it is for the client  to decide when upgrades to the latest software should happen. We recommend that it happens yearly. After all you train your staff in new procedures and products weekly or as often as needed, so a once a year upgrade for your silent team member's tools should be actioned too.

So what do you get with the website?

If you consider a website page to be like the old essay of our youth, you know  each essay needs an introduction and a conclusion and paragraphs in between. Likewise on our website page we have a series of paragraphs or modules to make your page.

A metatag module draws attention to the main information on the page just for search engines, so every page should have this at the top where you see it as you save, making it easy to then record any needed changes.

We have a special word processing unit too. It looks like a very well known Word Processor and has many of those features. In it, you can add headings, subheadings, bullet points, formatted text, links to other sites and email addresses and all you need to do to make a lively information page We call it a Single Section with html as WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) - you type just as you would in a word processor and the source code is automatically applied. 

A fully responsive site adjusts to the screen size

The RS Net  Easy site is a fully responsive website which automatically adjusts to the size of the viewing screen.

At the very bottom of the page you will see the following Desktop View | Tablet View | Mobile View.

By switching from one to another while on the Desktop screen, you can see how the site  will look on the other devices. This is great but nothing beats looking at the site on the technology it is designed for. So into your tablet and or your phone, type this web address

Have a look at it. Can you see how the features respond to the different technologies?

There is also a Bottom to Top feature which allows you to return to the top of your page.

Not convinced. Type this web address into the Google mobile friendly app.

Did you notice that? An automatic link built into the text. So easy!

For the mobile and tablet we have automatic links for making phone calls, going to your facebook site, emails and more. These will be buttons  created using your colour scheme.  If you are looking at the site on one of these, then please try the telephone link. We will be waiting for your call!