Planning your website.

How many pages do you think you need?  Google says the more pages the better, but it is probably simpler to start with 5 or 6.

To start off with though, you need a Home Page, and you need a way for people to contact you, so a Contact Us page with a map and Opening hours,  and the balance of pages providing  information about you and your business will fill the rest.

You are looking right now at how your site will be structured. This website is constructed using EASY Web from RS Net. Your site will have your details at the top and a complimentary colour scheme of your choice for the background 

Once you have got those pages ready, RS Net will set you live.


RS Net does not expect you just to pick it up and run although the manual supplied is very comprehensive. We arrange  training sessions for you and recommend at least one session of 2 hours. Training if not possible at your place of business due to distance can be done across the internet using a program called Team Viewer which allows the trainer to take over your screen for a single session and then disconnect. You can download Team Viewer from this link

The original price includes 2 hours of training but more can be negotiated if needed

We will even help you build your pages in these sessions too so you get great hands on experience. 

Hosting and email

RS Net has plans for your hosting depending on your data usage and your number of emails. This is in addition to the basic site cost. All of our clients needing hosting and are charged an annual maintenance fee. Check out this link on our main site for more information about hosting plans, data usage and email addresses.

Search engine

Being set live is fine,  but like a party which is poorly attended when invitations aren't sent out, you need to send invitations to the Search Engines and tell them that you exist.

RS Net publishes its clients to Search Engines 4 times a year to make sure your presence is registered. This is additional to the basic site cost.


Telephone support

Calls of 5-10 minutes for our help are not charged. If we feel that your question warrants more time, we will advise you, and our charges start from $33 for 15 minutes.

Email support

Getting support by email works in the same way. We think it  gives you a better chance to tell your story, and we can get to it as soon as we are available to give it our full attention, whereas a phone call by its immediacy may catch us in the middle of our supporting another client.


Friendly helpful professional services - RS Net